Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stay with me on this...

Unless something catastrophic occurs to him, Barry Bonds is going to pass Henry Aaron sometime this year, probably early in the summer. Whether or not he is guilty (something I cannot speak on because I have not actually seen the evidence. The book Game of Shadows is an excellent and compelling read, but it has not been substantiated in court so I will not accept is as the gospel truth), Bonds has been convicted in the court of public opinion. Bud Selig and Major League Baseball are doing everything possible to distance themselves from this moment. Bonds already holds the single season record.

I know, you already know this, but keep reading...

A couple years back the marquee player in baseball was traded to the marquee team in baseball. So far, it hasn't worked out like they planned, because this team has not won a World Series with this player on the roster. In fact, the local fan base, famous for being fickle with their love and respect, have spent more energy booing this player than cheering him. Of course I am speaking of A-Rod and the Yankees.

Now A-Rod is in a contract year (kinda. He has an opt out clause). Odds are he could get a new contract for more money than the amount he is owed over the final 3 years on the 10 year $252 Million he signed w/the Rangers. It would be for more years, but he would get more money. Yankees GM Brian Cashman has said that the Yankees will NOT renegotiate with him if he opts out. He will most likely opt out and go for the cash and a team less in the spotlight. What a better way to go out than to break Bonds' single season home run record, deflecting attention from Bonds' chase for 756 and making the sun shine on the team that MLB needs to win the World Series. A-Rod hits 74 (I predict 75 just for the round number), signs a big new contract with a club that is still marquee but not wth the easily riled fan base (say maybe the North Side of Chicago to be reunited w/Uncle Lou Pinella and the bleacher bums of Wrigley? Hmmmm...). The Yankees move Robinson Cano to third, where he will thrive. And he gets his next big guaranteed contract from the new ownership of the Cubs, trying to show their commitment to winning.

So Selig makes sure that A-Rod gets a few grooved pitches every now and again, enough for about 20-25 home runs, and let him do the rest.

Sound far fetched? Well let's see how it plays out, shall we?

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