Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am suffering from a bit of a time crunch here (waiting to be connected to a conference call that I will have to summon all my willpower to keep from snoring through), but I wanted to give a few quick thoughts on something I heard on the radio the last couple of days regarding the NFL playoff games from the weekend...

For those who weren't paying attention (or who don't care to), both of the home teams won on Saturday (as a rule, in the playoffs the home team is the favorite to win, so it is not a big surprise that both teams won). However, both road teams won on Sunday, which was a surprise. However, while listening to the radio wonks ever since, I kept hearing the question asked "Who do you blame for (Colts or Cowboys) losing the game? I understand that the Colts and Cowboys were favored to win the game, but why does that mean that we have to blame someone on those teams for losing? Why are we not asking who we are blaming on the Seahawks for losing to the Packers? Green Bay scored touchdowns on 6 straight possessions. Who on the Seattle defense is to blame? But that question isn't being bandied about. But we have to blame someone on the Cowboys because the Giants beat them? Why can we not (at least start with) praise for the Giants and Chargers for overcoming game time adversity and at times overwhelming odds in order to defeat their favored opponents? Just because they were favored, did they have to screw up in order for the other team to win? Were there reporters surrounding Goliath (or more to the point, were there pundits feverishly carving words into stone tablets) asking who was to blame for his stunning loss to David?

Talk Show Host: "...and we are back here at WWJD taking YOUR calls on who is to blame for the big man falling to the slingshot wonder, who I have to say is now a dark horse candidate in the hotly contested King race! Methusula, you are in the air!

Methusula: "Hi Kent. Long time listener, first time caller..."

Hopefully on Friday, I will be able to look at this a little closer, with a little less venom. And by then, there is a good chance we will know who the nest coach of the Ravens is going to be, and won't THAT lead to some spirited radio discussions!

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