Friday, January 07, 2011

Say, Who's The Barber Here?

When Maryland hired Randy Edsall over presumptive choice Mike Leach (formerly of Texas Tech), there was a good bit of wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth. And there was more than a little wondering why AD Kevin Anderson made what seemed like the safe choice. Well I think the reason behind it just became a little clearer...

Texas Tech has been put on two years probation for multiple violations by its former coaching staff under Leach (and Leach himself was responsible for some of the violations). ESPN has the story.

Anderson was at Army before he came to MD. He is going to want someone who is beyond reproach (or at least as close as humanly possible when it comes to coaches. So Gary Williams is safe) It stands to reason that he was made aware of this issue, and that he would choose to shy away from a candidate that has both public and (at the time) private issues that would have to be dealt with.

And suddenly Randy Edsall looks a better as the coach of MD.

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