Sunday, January 02, 2011


This is the face I made after checking the news this morning

So I had planned on taking the holiday weekend off. Oh sure, I was going to watch some bowl games, and the Winter Classic (BTW, way to go NBC for showing that hockey just doesn't work on television. Matt Vensel has a much more acute diagnosis of the missteps of NBC last night), and then the Ravens - Bengals game (which is on right now). But sometimes fates conspire to make me post blog entries when I don't plan to...

The Orioles have made some good moves this off season. They've addressed concerns regarding offensive production from 3rd, 1st, AND SS. They are still looking for pitching, but 99.9% of teams are looking for pitching, so it is what it is. They did trade away 4 relievers in order to secure the SS and 3B they needed to get, so that is an area that definitely needs addressing. And it might have just gotten a little more dire.

To sum up that nugget of idiocy, Alfredo Simon is the chief suspect in a homicide. So instead of pitching in the 9th he might be pleading the 5th. I will go out on a limb and say that this is not what Buck Showalter was planning on having to gameplan around during the offseason.

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