Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh Please Oh Please Oh Please

Bad news out of Owings Mills. Ravens long snapper Morgan Cox tore his ACL Sunday and is out for the rest of the season / playoffs. This is a potentially big issue, since the long snapper, holder, and kicker need to be on the same page and there could be be some serious timing issues depending on who they bring in to replace him.

Yesterday the Ravens worked out 2 guys, Ethan Albright and Jake Ingram. Of the two, Albright is much more experienced, which I would think would be a major factor for a team w/Super Bowl aspirations. Ingram did play for Bill Belichick, but he was also cut by Bill Belichick, and usually that means something (see: Moss, Randy).

So for (what seem to me to be) obvious reasons, I am pulling for the Ravens to sign Albright. But I have another reason besides the fact that at first glance he seems to be a better fit. Albright is a redhead, and a long snapper. His nickname is "The Red Snapper". And if the Ravens do sign him, we'll get to relive this moment for the rest of their season.

And THAT is NOT so stupid.

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