Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Terrell Suggs Making Sense

As an addendum to Steelers Week, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Terrell Suggs for speaking openly and honestly about controversial subjects. To wit, during a conference call with the Pittsburgh Media, he came out and said that Steelers LB James Harrison is being unfairly scrutinized and flagged by the refs, which I agree with. Suggs' actual words...

“Your guy over there, 92, I think he is red-flagged,” Suggs said. “The referees are kind of looking for him. Even if he breathes on a quarterback wrong, he might get a flag.”

Harrison was fined for the fourth time this season yesterday when he was fined $25,000 for a hit put on Buffalo quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Harrison has been fined $125,000 so far this season.

“I think they are looking at him more closely than they are everybody else in the league,” Suggs said. “In the referee world, they kind of red-flagged him.”

He then said that some teams (and in particular some QBs) get preferential treatment. And while the league will never admit it, he is absolutely correct, as Suggs' example shows...

“The league has their favorites,” Suggs said. “One being in Indy and one being with that other team up north. Besides those two, everybody is fair game. Some quarterbacks are getting the calls right away. Some quarterbacks they don’t care.

"Like I always said, Carson Palmer got hit in his knee in 2005 but there was no rule made. Then Tom Brady got hit in his knee and all of a sudden there is a rule and possible suspensions, excessive fines — it’s just getting ridiculous.

(Of course, the team that wasn't flagged for the Palmer hit was the Steelers, but that just shows the heirarchy of team preferential treatment)

And so I am going to take a moment to award Terrell Suggs the first ever Award In Cromulent Speaking (herewith to be known as the Crommies), which is going to be given whenever someone says something either so obvious it shouldn't have to be said (in which case the cromulence is for the listeners who do not want to acknowledge the veracity of the statement), or something so maddeningly asinine that it needs to be held for posterity (which places cromulence squarely on the speaker).'s your Crommie!

Another definition of cromulent.


  1. I figured "Cromulent" had to be and Adj that embiggened the positive aspects of the noun or it wouldn't sound like it refers to the god of Conan.